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Dr. Brian Goldman, a Walnut Creek psychiatrist, is a passionate physician devoted to providing exceptional treatment for his patients. He enjoys a good challenge and many of his patients come to him with complex neuropsychiatric illness with multiple co-morbid conditions. Many of his patients and their families have struggled with their illnesses for years and have visited many doctors trying to get relief. Whether you or your family member are seeing a psychiatrist for the first time or seeing your 10th specialist, Dr. Goldman’s goal is to work with you to provide ongoing relief and education.

After thirty years of studying the brain inside and out, Dr. Goldman knows precisely how to target over-activity or under-activity in the brain to provide his patients with the balance they desire. He does this by addressing underlying issues like sleep and hormonal issues before using pharmaceutical or neutraceutical interventions.
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Walnut Creek Psychiatrist

As a psychiatrist in Walnut Creek, the doctor applies the principles of evidence based medicine, his experience performing neurosurgeries in South Africa, his thirty years of clinical experience, and his experience interpreting 10,000+ functional neuroimaging scans to help you or your family member feel better. The doctor also uses tools he’s developed like The PsyPredictor® which help him determine quickly and efficiently which medications will work best for you.